Wellcome from the President

Ene 8, 2017 | Noticias

Dear IWF Spain members,

It is a pleasure and a honor to begin this new stage as president of the spanish chapter . An organization of great prestige in many countries of the world that has created a platform for top level women leaders to share their experiences, learn from each other and develop friendships over time. In addition, through the Leadership Foundation, IWF allows us to create opportunities for women who are in the middle of their careers and need support to learn and grow in their professional and personal development. I’ve been a mentor in this program and it’s worth it.

The global IWF leadership of Teresa Weintraub, our president, and Stephanie Mathews O’keefe, our CEO, must be an important source of inspiration to continue in our chapter promoting women’s leadership in Spain while ensuring that more and more women leaders have a greater presence at all levels.

In this new stage, and in collaboration with the new board of directors, we will work aligned with some global IWF strategic objectives. Like boosting engagement among members, increasing participation in global conferences, strengthening loyalty in order to be stronger as an organization and enhancing IWF brand awareness in the institutional, business and social map of our country. We will not use only digital tools, which are a must, we will also build brand positioning based on the members – the most valuable asset – at country level and their network at global level. 2016 has been an important year for IWF Spain because of the renewal of it´s digital footprint, thanks to the launch of a new website and the presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. In 2017 the challenge is to increase the reach of this footprint to be more relevant.

I count on all of you to work on this exciting challenge. Your contribution is key for the success of our organization.

I would like to thanks Ana Muñoz and the outgoing board of directors for the excellent work they have done over the past years. I’ve learned a lot from Ana as our president and the team.

All the best.
Marieta del Rivero